The data wizard for total visualization
of compressed-air systems

METPOINT® MEQ is a totally new product for the compressed-air market. It is the first assistance system of its kind
to bring together a wide range of different sensor data – from both the compressors and the compressed-air treatment system.

METPOINT® MEQ then displays the data very clearly and in real time, as information available for immediate use.
This makes it easy to identify optimization potentials and develop well-founded strategies for improving efficiency and quality assurance.

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METPOINT ® MEQ is uncomplicated

When ordering

Individually configurable

METPOINT® MEQ can be used to monitor the energy consumption and air quality of compressed-air systems.
System operators retain full control and decide for themselves which functions they need. Depending on how many
employees are to use METPOINT® MEQ, on the type and number of compressors, the measurement technology to be integrated and the method used to connect to the cloud, there is a perfect configuration and a tailored proposal for every system.

When commissioning

Rapidly ready for action

Once the customized product package has been put together, the installation date is set. Your service technician will then take care of installing the components, setting up network access, connecting the measurement technology, switching the station live and giving the users a first briefing.

When using

Optimizable in the long run

METPOINT® MEQ can be individually adapted at any time by adding system data and setting alarm notifications. In addition, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is working continuously on further developing and improving services for METPOINT® MEQ. Thanks to support via a self-service portal and the ability to contact us via phone and e-mail, METPOINT® MEQ users can feel fully at ease when it comes to optimizing their compressed-air system.

METPOINT ® MEQ offers more

Components available

Energy module » Compressor monitoring

Quality module » System monitoring

Cloud » Guaranteed data availability

Energy module » Compressor monitoring

  • Data logger
  • Installation kit
  • Amps clamp
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Internet access/GSM module

Compressor status monitoring

  • Load/idle/stop
  • Operating hours
  • Temperature
    • Output
    • Motor
    • Ambience
  • Pressure
    • Internal
    • At the Output
    • Differential pressure

Compressor performance monitoring

  • Capacity utilization
  • Power consumption
  • Volume flow
  • Efficiency

Quality module » System monitoring

  • Pressure dew-point sensor
  • Volume-flow sensor
  • Residual oil-vapor content measurement
  • Particle counter
  • Measurement data logger

Extensive benefits

Compressed-air quality

  • Pressure dew point
  • Residual oil-vapor content
  • Volume flow
  • Particle concentration
  • System pressure

Cloud » Guaranteed data availability

  • Gateway
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Self-service portal
  • Product configurator
  • Data security

Cloud access

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alarm notification

Gateway + data packet

  • Uncomplicated data transmission 
    via router with SIM

METPOINT ® MEQ is suitable for every system

Particularly practical: METPOINT® MEQ can be integrated into popular compressed-air systems of any age without much additional effort. There is a tailor-made configuration and a matching set of components for each system.

Sample configurations
  • System
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Compressors
  • 2 x 40 kW
    1 x 80 kW (data via controller)
  • 1 x 45 kW (data via controller)
    1 x 45 kW
  • 1 x 160 kW in Room 1
    2 x 80 kW in Room 2
  • Internet access
  • Via in-house network
  • Via gateway
  • Via gateway
  • Compressed-air treatment
  • Not required
  • Data from measurement equipment acquired via measurement data logger METPOINT® BDL
  • Direct measurement equipment connection (without measurement data logger)
  • Set
  • 2 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-100A Non-Com
    1 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-200A Com

    + Lizenz für das Energie-Modul
  • 1 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-200A Com
    1 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-200A Non-Com

    1 x MEQ-A Gateway Kit EU 2 Assets

    + License for Energy-Module
    + License for Quality-Module
  • 1 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-600A Non-Com
    2 x MEQ Asset Kit EU CT-400A Non-Com

    1 x MEQ-A Gateway Kit EU 1 Assets (Room 1)
    1 x MEQ-A Gateway Kit EU 2 Assets (Room 2)

    + Wiring for the existing Measurement-Technic

    + License for Energy-Module
    + License for Quality-Module

METPOINT ® MEQ opens up new possibilities

Energy and quality data always in view: Visualization with METPOINT® MEQ can provide real information
about compressed-air generation and treatment to help you come up with optimization measures.

See for yourself

with an exclusive trial account: Real data is measured continuously
in our demo system and visualized in our trial interface.

with our practical service materials ready to download.

More marketing materials are available from our sales force.

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